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Syko's Mad Ramblings

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Update Feb. 14th, 2007 @ 12:22 am
Posting this here because you guys (and you know who you are) are the only ones that read this. Allison doesn't know I post here anymore and Crystal doesn't know either so it's a good way to be discreet.

So, remember a while back I had said that we were planning a trip to Honduras? Well that all fell through for various reasons so now we've been trying to get our shit together to go to Ireland for a week in June. If all goes well, I'll be spending my b-day in the Guinness brewery and getting sloshed in Dublin. The problem right now is her leave hasn't been approved yet. Company policy says that you can't take leave within 30-60 days of the end of your contract. Our plans have us gone during the end of both our contracts. My leave got approved only because my boss didn't know that my contract was up in June so we're keeping our fingers crossed that her boss will approve it. I've always wanted to go to Eire and see the "land of my forefathers" (forefathers??? nobody has four fathers!!!)

Things are still going wonderful between us and I hope that that doesn't change when we go back to the states this summer. We are so different but we get along so well it's amazing. I've never felt so comfortable with someone in my life.

Our plan for going home is like this (tentatively). She goes home in the second week of July, goes to El Paso for outprocessing then her mom is going to drive over from Sierra Vista to pick her up and she'll start getting her stuff ready to go. I get to El Paso the first week of August and she will come get me. We're talking about having D' fly down to Midland and we'll drive over to get her and see my folks for a few days then drive down to Austin to see my other family (that would be you guys) and spend a few days there. She fell in love with Austin from watching Rollergirls so she can't wait). We'll drive back to Arizona from there and I'll meet her parents. D' and I will fly back up to Colorado and I'll start trying to get a place for us to live and then fly back down, rent a U-Haul and move her up to the Springs. Of course, all of this is pending my finding a job but I think I'm in pretty good shape with that.

So... that's the plan for now.
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Now and later Dec. 31st, 2005 @ 02:00 am
Here is me now....

Lust:Very High

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Here is me when I'm back in the states....

Lust:Very High

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Any questions?

Happy Thanksgiving???? Nov. 24th, 2005 @ 08:32 pm
Well... we had Thanksgiving here... yay.... now I'm sick to my stomache.... fucking KBR (that would be Kellogg Brown and Root... the subsidiary of Halliburton (the company that Dick Cheney, our VP used to run))

Woke up late this morning and was starving. Got to work and ran over to the chow hall to find out that there was very little food for breakfast because they were getting ready for the Thanksgiving Feast later. I ended up having a few pieces of french toast and some bacon. That was at about 0830.

At 1300 me and some friends went to eat and ended up standing in line for almost an hour just to get in. That was cool cause we just talked and joked and stuff. Finally got in and got our food. I had a slice of roast beast and a slice of turkey, some mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes and stuffing. We sat down and they had sparkling grape juice on the tables so I poured us all a drink and made a toast... It was something to the effect of "to my friends, the closest thing I have to family over here".

Only picked at my food because the roast was dry, the turkey was dry, the mashed potatoes tasted like soap and the sweet potatoes were nasty. Finished and got a slice of pumpkin pie and a slice of pecan pie. They were ok. Had to get back to work so the guy that was working with me could come eat so I left and by the time I got back to the shop my stomache was in knots.

I've been back and forth to the bathroom ever since then. I feel like crap and I think I'm running a little bit of a fever.... yippee.

Of course... this always happens. I only get sick on my days off.

I hope you all have a much better time than I did.

Love to all
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Goddamn flaming cock monkeys!!!! Nov. 9th, 2005 @ 11:51 pm
Ok, now that that's out of my system.... heh

If anyone actually reads this, I'm still alive. Not a lot to talk about because not a lot going on and I don't really feel like waxing poetic at this point. Just doing my thing and surviving. Trying to decide what to do and where to go from here. My life is just a day to day operation at this point.

Thinking about taking online classes but I'm worried about it because I'm really not motivated enough or smart enough or dedicated enough to do it.

I'm getting more lonely every day. I never thought that I would miss female companionship but when you've been without as long as I have at this point, and you see soldiers walking around with their "battle buddies" you just start to wonder what's wrong with you. Even the ugly, fat girls don't look at me or if anyone does it's with a look of contempt. I don't know... maybe I need to return to the states earlier than planned. I don't have a clue what good that would do because there's nothing for me there either and less money. Gee, I'll be just as lonely and won't be able to afford to do anything... JOY!

Anyway, enough of the sad shit.

Got D's report card last week. All A's and B's. I was so proud of her so I went online and ordered her a gift. Noble Collection has a lot of really cool stuff and I got her the Harry Potter wand that she's been eyeing for a while. She was thrilled.

Ok, that's all the happiness I have.
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God I suck! Oct. 30th, 2005 @ 12:08 am
This Is My Life, Rated
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Other entries
» Hurricanes and other "natural disastors"... my 2 cents
Ok, I know I will be branded "heartless" and "an asshole" because of my point of view here but oh fucking well.... here goes...

Recently a hurricane made landfall in the southeastern US and another is on it's way... why does this make news? Why does it make news when a tornado rips through "tornado alley" and kills hundreds? Or when a volcano (known active, not unknow like Mt St. Hellens) blows it's top and kills all the ants living under it? Or when a big fucking wave comes crashing down and wipes out an island?

Ya know what? People are dumb enough to build in these areas and then are surprised when it "actually happens to them"? Fuck that. It's not like lightning striking you or winning the lottery. Hurricanes hit the east and gulf coasts all the time.... tornadoes tear through tornado alley all the time (hence the name you morons), volcanoes blow up (if you've ever been to Hawaii, you'll notice that there are no houses anywhere near the volcano... smart people, huh?) and if you build in these areas, expect to be decimated by mother nature! Don't whine... don't bitch that the government isn't helping you.... wake the fuck up and move away from that area!

I know people that have weathered through 20 years of Florida hurricanes... they lose their house every few years but they won't move away.... why? because they are stupid! Fuck them and fuck anyone that is dumb enough to tempt mother nature. She will kick your ass eventually.

When California sinks into the ocean, I'll be laughin my ass off at all the dead "Valleys" floating up on the new beach in Arizona.

And when that meteor finally come smashing into earth, I'll shrug my shoulders and smile and say, well, it was only a matter of time.
» Rape!
There are many forms of rape. Some physical and some mental. I was raped today... it was horrible. I can't stop shaking. I'm angry and hurt and want to stop feeling.

Here's what happened...

Alli and I had our Mediation for the divorce. Through all of this she has said that she didn't want any money other than child support. Well, my lawyer and I spoke today and she suggested that I offer Alli $500 a month (for 5 years) on top of the $850 I'm already giving her for child support. The stipulation I added to this was that when I come back to the states it would drop to $200 a month. Well... little miss "I don't want your money" jumped at that and snatched it up like a greedy troll but she balked at the $200 a month stipulation. She refused to accept that so when I do come back I have to find a job that pays enough to pay her way since she can't make her own.

Oh, and I've been ordered by the court to pay $500 a month to a college fund for D'. I have no problem with that.

Anyway, what this basically means is... I'm not coming back! I'll just stay here and to hell with her. She wants her money? Fine, she can have it but I can barely save anything now. Right now I make about $6000 a month. Subtract $1350 to Alli, subtract $500 for D's college, subtract $250 for my rent and storage, subtract $1000 basic living expense (so I don't completely lose it) and I'm left with $2100 a month saved. $2100 multiplied by 24 (two years) is $50400... a decent down payment on a house but nothing left to furnish it, or buy a car, or eat... so I figure 5 years would be $126,000. Now, will this job be here for five years? Who knows. All I can do is hope.
» Terrorist Alert!!!!


The Bush Administration will not tell you about this. 

The Watchdog groups are all keeping very hush-hush in regards to these alegations.

Even the UN has not said a word about this violator of human rights.

The world has once again come under attack by the most dangerous individual ever known.  Hundreds of millions have perrished by his whim.  Whole cities and societies have been lain to waste for his pleasure.  Cultures have been anihilated in his name.  Yet, is he even on the Top Ten Most Wanted List?  Of course not.  This person makes all the terrorists that come out of the Middle East and even Ireland look like pussies.

That's right, I propose that GOD... The Almighty.... Jehova... He who is called I AM, be made public enemy #1 for his crimes against humanity. 

His recent attack on the America Gulf Coast is just another in a long line of attrocities that he has committed and he must be stopped!  I hereby call upon all the world powers to hold a tribunal to find and bring Him and his son, Joshua, aka Jesus the Christ, to trial for their crimes.

Beware the followers of this charismatic individual for they, like Him are dangerous and should be dealt with accordingly.

Thank you and good day.

» Yeah... I'm still alive (like anyone gives a fuck)
Was looking at a few friend's journals and decided to give an update.

Got moved into my new room over the last few days. It's so cool! After being trapped in a 6'x8' shoebox, I am now the proud owner of a 6'x15' shoebox. I finally have room to walk around. I'm so happy about this.

I'm sure that some of you who keep up with the news have heard about the jailbreak here at Bagram. Just know that I'm ok. No one has gotten hurt to my knowledge so it's all good.

I'll be hitting Austin sometime in late August... I hope. I'm waiting for them to tell me I can't go but if I do get to come home for a while, I'll see you then.

Now that I'm in the new room, I'll be back online soon. I'll only be able to chat on my days off (Thurs, Fri and Sat) but at least I can.

That's all for now.
» The end of a short and pathetic era...

Well, I never really posted here anyway and only a small handfull of people ever looked so I'm closing up shop.

If you want to find me, look here...  http://sykorambles.blogspot.com


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